5 New Year’s Kitchen Resolution – Use the Right Knife

A kitchen knife

5 New Years Kitchen Resolution Use the Right Knife

5 New Years Kitchen Resolution Use the Right Knife

is a very important tool in preparing food. In fact, a cook’s knife is his best kitchen companion. If you use the right knife, you can chop onions and mince garlic perfectly; plus your kind of knife can offer you ten times better performance when it comes to boning poultry, paring meat and skinning fish. If you’ve been having the same problems with cutting meat or vegetables, it’s time for a new kitchen resolution – use the right knife.

Some factors to consider when choosing a good knife are design, blade and the initial sharpness. But regardless of what you read about a brand of knife or what’s hot with professional and celebrity chefs, the most important thing to regard is how the knife feels in your hand. Whatever you choose, remember that balance is critical. A knife should feel solid, feel good in your hands and must be of a comfortable weight. It may take time and practice, but the moment you master the right hand-positioning, you can begin cutting like a pro which in turn cuts your preparation time in half.

There are basic knife sets consisting of four or five different knives and sharpening steel. Choose the set that offers fewer but most frequently-used knives. A beautiful set can include some useful items to complement the knives. But whatever you choose, go for the knives made of good quality steel. They will hold up well in most conditions. Here are some suggestions:

Paring knife or peeling knife: This is basically used for peeling and cleaning vegetables and fruits. It usually has a short 3 to 5 inches sharp blade.

Utility knife: This normally comes with a 5 to 6 inches blade and considered the most versatile and frequently used knife in the kitchen.

Bread knife: It has a long serrated blade used to cut foods with a tough or crusty surface and a soft center.

Carving fork: A two-pronged implement used to securely anchor large pieces of meat or poultry while slicing and serving.

Kitchen shears: Two pairs of scissors where one pair is designed for snipping non-food items.

While a set of quality knives and cutlery can be more costly, you easily get your money’s worth for both durability and excellent performance. Let me assure you that a premium-quality knife or set of knives, will last a lifetime and can be handed down to your children. So if you’re considering a new resolution that can bring your kitchen smarter ways of cutting food, I suggest that you use the right knife.

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